Installing and Uninstalling Measured

Installing Measured on your site
Install the Measured app by clicking the “Add App button” through the Shopify App Store or through here.

NOTE: At this point, your customer-facing storefront has not been changed. You can begin annotating products right away, but the installation of Measured will need to be completed with the following steps before any changes will take place visually.

Measured is able to intelligently install the storefront image slider on some themes. Navigate to Measured under Apps in your Shopify Admin console, then go to the 'Storefront settings' page and click 'Enable automatically'.
We've provided a set of instructions below on how to continue the installation yourself. If either the automatic installation fails or you don't want to continue the installation yourself, our team will gladly help you out.
Instructions for installing Measured manually

Step 1.
You'll need to first login as an administrator on your Shopify online store.

Click on Online Store (under Sales Channels in the bottom left hand side of your page). Then, navigate to your Themes section.

Click on Actions -> Edit code
Step 2. Next, you’ll need to find where the code for the image slider exists for your current theme. For example, the section of code relevant to the “Minimal” theme is located here.

For most themes, this is usually found in /sections/product-template.liquid file.

You can either look for this file manually by scrolling through your files, or by typing into the search bar 'product-template.liquid'.
Step 2. Comment the section for your image slider out. If you do not know which section this is, please contact us for help at

In the case that your theme is modified (if your liquid files are changed and/or customized), and you are unable to find the product-liquid.template file or unable to understand which section of code is relevant for your image slider, you may also want to contact the developer who worked on your theme to get help for this step.

To comment the code out, you will need to add two tags, one before the beginning of the code, and one after the code.

Insert the following tag before the section of the code that you want to comment out.
{% comment %}
Then, insert the following tag after the section of the code that you want to comment out.
{% endcomment %}
For example, if we're commenting out a snippet of code that says "This is a comment.", we'd do the following:
Step 3. Insert the following code after the end comment tag.
{% include 'measured' %}
This should complete the installation of Measured for your store. If you have any questions, please contact us at
Uninstalling Measured from your Shopify store
To completely remove Measured from your Shopify store, please follow the following instructions.
Navigate to the storefront settings in Measured. Click on the 'Disable' Button to remove all changes our store has made to your code.
If this fails, you may need to do this manually. Follow the instructions below to do so.
NOTE: If you do not want to do this yourself, please contact us at
Step 1. Go to your Shopify Online Store -> Themes -> Actions -> Edit code
Step 2. Go to sections/product-template.liquid, and click on Older versions. This will display a dropdown that shows previous versions.
Step 3. Select the newest version prior to the installation of Measured.
Step 4. Click save.

NOTE: This will completely revert ALL changes you have made to the theme since the installation of Measured.
Step 5. Delete the file snippets/measured.liquid.
Remove the App from your account.
Step 1. In Shopify Admin, select Apps from the menu on the left side.
Step 2. Click on the trash can icon on the right hand side beside Measured, in your list of Installed Apps.
Step 3. Confirm that you wish to uninstall by clicking the red “Uninstall” button on the bottom right corner of the popup.
Measurements will no longer appear on your storefront or in your Shopify admin. If you do not reinstall the app within 30 days, all annotations and program data will be permanently erased.