Elegant product details for your gallery

Sophisticated design befitting your art

Showcase artwork measurements with elegance as you would the artwork itself. Measured makes this a simple task, whether it’s a print, painting, sculpture or anything else.

Enrich your store’s experience

Measured comes with a built in image slider to display your products. The image zoom feature lets your customers inspect every single detail.

No more sizing inquiries.

Even armed with the measurement information on your product, your customers will wonder how large your artwork looks in real life.

With Measured you can provide details by measuring everything - even the objects you place around your products, for perspective.

One click unit conversion

Switch between metric and imperial systems with ease. Measured also automatically sets default units according to the customer’s country of origin.

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How it works:

Step 1: Draw

Draw measurements directly on your product image.

Step 2: Label

Give your measurement a name to distinguish it from the others.

Step 3: Assign

Enter a measurement for the annotation.
Repeat for each measurement you wish to add. Simple!
Streamline your customer’s experience today.
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