Powered up product details for your appliances

Measurements that match the precision of your product

Measured delivers the important information to your customers, regardless of what type of product you’re selling - whether it's a dishwasher, fridge, oven, or anything else.

Reduce returns and customer inquiries.

Your customers will never struggle to find product dimensions for your appliances. Wherever they see your product images, the measurements will be right there with them.

Focus attention to the elegance of your product.

No more long text descriptions. Measured provides clean, concise details on your images, which means your customers spend less time digging for information.

Convert units automatically.

Never worry about unit conversion again. With one click, you and your customers can switch between the metric and imperial systems. Measured automatically sets default units according to the customer’s country of origin.

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How it works:

Step 1: Draw

Draw measurements directly on your product image.

Step 2: Label

Give your measurement a name to distinguish it from the others.

Step 3: Assign

Enter a measurement for the annotation.
Repeat for each measurement you wish to add. Simple!
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